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Quickly and reliably create and deploy landing zones across multiple clouds without the need for specialist expertise.

An Easier Way To Configure and Deploy Landing Zones

xZones makes landing zone creation and management more accessible — even for businesses and teams approaching it for the first time.

Accelerate cloud adoption or expansion

xZones enables you to quickly set up cloud environments, including user creation, DevOps integration, and authentication — significantly reducing time to deployment. The step-by-step conversational interface reduces the risk of configuration errors and ensures a robust, optimized cloud environment.

Reduce costs throughout the process

Using xZones to create cloud landing zones supports non-specialist users to optimize resource usage, avoiding over-provisioning and underutilization — as well as reducing the manual hours needed for deployment, for a more cost-effective process with no loss of quality.

Upskill your team instead of hiring in

xZones empowers in-house teams to manage cloud environments and landing zone creation effectively without the need for external expertise. The interface provides explanatory notes on the requirements and consequences at each stage of setup, supported by just-in-time video learning resources.

Build fully portable landing zones

We’re committed to avoiding vendor lock-in — any landing zones built with xTools are completely portable. Migrate between cloud services without significant reconfiguration, using open-source solutions such as OpenTofu — so you always maintain flexibility and control over your cloud strategy.
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No Specialist Expertise Required

Tackling landing zone creation for the first time is daunting — usually, you’d need to hire or contract senior cloud architects, Terraform experts, and the list goes on. xZones is designed to support your teams to manage the process from start to finish, empowering them to take ownership of the project in-house, without risking the quality, security, or reliability of the implementation.
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Clear, Graphical Interface

The xZones interface uses conversational, natural language prompts designed to be easily understandable by non-specialist employees, and clear, diagrammatic visuals to illustrate key aspects of the process. xZones walks the user through each stage of the configuration, providing detailed information about the inputs required and clear guidance on how to proceed through to deployment.
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Built-In Training For Users

For added support, at important steps in the configuration process, we’ve included concise video tutorials that explain what’s happening and why it’s important — so your teams aren’t blindly following a setup wizard, they’re building their knowledge and confidence with each successful implementation they complete.

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