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Manage all your tags — across all your cloud solutions. Filter, review, and edit in bulk for improved accuracy and consistency.

Remove The Headaches From Tag Management

Effective tag management is key to cost control, compliance, and resource optimization. With xTags, it’s easy.

Track cloud spending across cost centers​

Identifying which cost centers are responsible for specific expenses is crucial to financial governance and accountability. xTags makes it easy to allocate cloud costs to different departments, projects, or initiatives — giving you a clearer understanding of cloud spend to make more informed budgeting decisions.

Streamline tagging for all users​

A common issue businesses face is that employees find it too complex or time-consuming to correctly tag resources. With its easy-to-use, batch-capable interface, xTags makes it easy for users with varying levels of technical expertise to keep tags correct and up-to-date.

Apply tags consistently and accurately

Consistent and comprehensive tagging is vital to be able to make sense of large-scale or complex cloud infrastructures. xTags helps you ensure that tagging adheres to company policies and standards, maintaining uniformity across your entire cloud environment.

Build accurate metadata on all resources

Having accurate metadata available enhances your visibility of the cloud environment, enabling better control and decision-making regarding resource utilization. By using xTags, you can eliminate information gaps and ensure detailed metadata is attached to every cloud resource.
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Understand All Your Resources At a Glance

The xTags interface offers an Excel-like view with advanced sorting and filtering features to make it easy for non-expert users to review and understand the status of your resources across multiple clouds — and quickly identify any areas of inactivity, redundancy, or overspending.
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Update Tags Globally For Greater Efficiency

From the same interface, xTags lets you batch edit and update tags, making it easy to bring all tagging up to standard as quickly as possible and maintain accuracy and consistency moving forward — even when working with complex multi-cloud environments.
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Align Infrastructure, Cloud, and Application Teams

Using xTags to implement and maintain accurate tags and metadata helps the different teams in your organization to easily access vital information about who has ownership, budgetary responsibility, or control of different resources within your environment — so everyone can work more efficiently.

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