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Reduce the complexity and manual workload of image management, streamline configuration and customization, and deploy rapidly.

Image Management Made Simple

With xImages, you can create, manage and update custom images tailored to specific business needs quickly and efficiently.

Overcome the skills barrier to image creation

xImages simplifies and streamlines the complex process of image creation and management, making it accessible for teams with varying levels of cloud expertise. The user-friendly interface allows non-expert users to understand each step of the process and improve their skills and knowledge over time.

Reduce deployment time with custom images

Quickly and easily create custom images that meet specific organizational requirements, ensuring that your VMs are optimized for their intended use. xImages helps you accelerate the development cycle, improve time-to-market, and track and manage any image updates needed in the future.

Auto-update images as applications change

To reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities due to outdated software, xImages automatically updates images in response to application changes or security updates following CI/CD best practices. This removes the need to manually ensure that the latest software versions are included.

Create the same image across clouds

xImages creates images compatible with multiple cloud environments — ideal if you are leveraging multi-cloud strategies or looking to avoid vendor lock-in. This provides consistency in application performance and behavior across different cloud platforms and reduces the total workload significantly.
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Intuitive User Interface

xImages features a graphical interface designed to provide a familiar user experience for novice users — guiding them through the necessary steps including package management, installing applications, and distributing images without the need to understand the underlying operations in detail.
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Time-Saving Automation

Using xImages to automate the technical aspects of image management, such as format compatibility and optimization, can free up valuable employee hours to focus on higher-priority project tasks rather than spending significant time understanding the intricacies of image configuration.
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Wider Business Impact

xImages provides more than just a technical solution — acting as a strategic tool that can support broader business objectives, by facilitating easy scalability, enhanced security, and efficient resource utilization, as well as effectively controlling costs.

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