Advanced cloud applications, tailored to meet the specific challenges you’re facing, and customized to your choice of platform.

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Specialized solutions for business-specific issues

If there’s no existing solution on the market for a specific cloud adoption or management issue, we’ll create one tailored to your use case.

Our expertise, at your disposal

We offer the same expertise that’s behind our xTags, xImages, and xZones solutions to build whatever application you need to make your cloud journey easier. If you have a specific roadblock or time sink in your current process or a new idea you’re struggling to implement — let’s plan the way forward together.

Minimal onboarding required

Our solutions are user-friendly and intuitive, breaking complex processes down into simple interactions — meaning you don’t need to hire specialist staff or consultants to use them. Everything we create is designed to empower you to achieve more with the resources you already have available.

Tailored to your precise needs

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, the applications xCustom delivers are specifically customized to fit the needs and capabilities of your organization, and directed to achieve explicit strategic goals. Our fully transparent costing policy ensures you’ll be able to predict spending down to the dollar and accurately calculate ROI.

Highly integrated, highly secure

We meet each client where they are — we’re not going to advise you to make major changes to your tech stack or cloud platform. Our custom solutions mesh seamlessly with your existing setup to accelerate implementation and integrate with the authentication systems you’re already using for maximum security.

Here’s what xCustom users are saying

What can we build?

xCustom projects are delivered as bespoke Windows applications — providing a familiar user interface and better performance than you’ll find with most web apps offering similar functionality. More accessible, easier to onboard and master, and a faster route to cloud success.

What platforms do we build for?

We believe in cloud freedom, so we don’t restrict our custom development to a single provider. We build for all major platforms, most commonly Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware, or Nutanix — but if you’re using an alternate platform, let us know.

How about source control and CI/CD?

The same holds true for source control — most of our projects use GitLab, GitHub, and Azure DevOps — and for CI/CD, where we use GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps Pipelines, and Terraform Cloud. If you prefer a different combination, let us know and we’ll scope it out.


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