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Cloud configuration and management used to require spending big on expert talent, or locking in to a specific vendor. We’re breaking down that barrier. 


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Innovative tools to save you time and money

Our solutions help your existing teams do more — without the need for expensive outside hires, specialist contractors, or extensive and time-consuming retraining. 


Manage all your tags — across all your cloud solutions. Filter, review, and edit in bulk for improved accuracy and consistency.


Reduce the complexity and manual workload of image management, streamline configuration and customization, and deploy rapidly.


Quickly and reliably create and deploy landing zones across multiple clouds without the need for specialist expertise. 


Advanced cloud applications, tailored to meet the specific challenges you’re facing, and customized to your choice of platform.

xTools for CCoEs

We offer a range of easy-to-use tools and custom application development that simplify cloud adoption and management for CCoE teams in organizations of all sizes — allowing non-experts to handle complex tasks such as landing zone creation, tag management, and creating cloud images. 

Our solutions help your existing CCoE team do more — without the need for expensive outside hires or specialist contractors.

  • Simplify complex cloud processes, making it easier for you to manage cloud adoption and operations end-to-end.
  • Ensure your cloud deployments follow consistent best practices — even where you don’t have in-depth expertise in-house.
  • Reduce the operational workload, so you can focus on strategic activities like cloud strategy, governance, and cost optimization.
  • Scale cloud resources quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, in response to emerging and evolving business needs. 

xTools for CMSPs

xTools significantly reduces the workload associated with complex tasks such as landing zone creation, tag management, and creating cloud images — helping you to build a more profitable and scalable operating model. 

Our solutions empower you to you do more for your clients — for a more streamlined, profitable, and customer-centric operation.

  • Significantly reduce the time and effort required to onboard new clients or expand existing client environments.
  • Maintain accuracy and consistency, and reduce the risk of human error leading to security vulnerabilities or system failures. 
  • Focus more resources on customer-specific needs rather than spending time on routine tasks — leading to improved CSAT.
  • Make more efficient use of resources and optimize configurations to achieve cost savings in cloud resource utilization.

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