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For Cloud Center of Excellence Teams

We offer a range of easy-to-use tools and custom application development that simplify cloud adoption and management for CCoE teams in organizations of all sizes.

Innovative Tools to
Save Your Time and Money

Our solutions help your existing teams do more — without the need for expensive outside hires, specialist contractors, or extensive and time-consuming retraining.
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Manage all your tags — across all your cloud solutions. Filter, review, and edit in bulk for improved accuracy and consistency.
Track cloud spending across cost centers​
Streamline tagging for all users​
Apply tags consistently and accurately
Build accurate metadata on all resources
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Reduce the complexity and manual workload of image management, streamline configuration and customization, and deploy rapidly.
Overcome the skills barrier to image creation
Reduce deployment time with custom images
Auto-update images as applications change
Create the same image across clouds
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Quickly and reliably create and deploy landing zones across multiple clouds without the need for specialist expertise.
Accelerate cloud adoption or expansion
Reduce costs throughout the process
Upskill your team instead of hiring in
Build fully portable landing zones
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Advanced cloud applications, tailored to meet the specific challenges you’re facing, and customized to your choice of platform.
Our expertise, at your disposal
Minimal onboarding required
Tailored to your precise needs
Highly integrated, highly secure
How xTools Can Help You Achieve More
Our solutions help your existing teams do more — without the need for expensive outside hires, specialist contractors, or extensive and time-consuming retraining.

Deploy Cloud Resources Faster

Working with xTools, you’ll be able to design, configure and implement advanced cloud technology quickly and efficiently, without worrying about configuration errors, availability and reliability issues, or security risks.

Our solutions simplify the process by automating the most time-consuming manual tasks without taking shortcuts that could impact performance or quality.

Understand and Control Cloud Spending

Our solutions give you a more detailed understanding of your current and planned cloud resources, allowing you to optimize your cloud environments to more accurately meet business needs while controlling costs and minimizing unnecessary use of time and resources.

We help you achieve more without increasing spending — allowing you to reinvest in other areas of strategic or operational importance.

Build Cloud Capability Within Your Own Business

Reduce your reliance on third parties — like contractors or outsourcing firms — and take full

advantage of the power of the cloud.

With xTools, you can give your existing teams the tools they need to guide them through complex processes and help them build their skills along the way — so that valuable knowledge stays within the organization. And you’re vendor-independent, leaving you free to migrate or change providers to suit the evolving needs of your business.

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Simplify complex cloud processes, making it easier for you to manage cloud adoption and operations end-to-end.

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