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We build software that helps businesses take control of their cloud resources and achieve better efficiency, greater profitability, and operational freedom.
The Problem With Illustration

The Problem with Cloud Access

Not everyone has equal opportunity when it comes to cloud technology. We’ve been working at the coalface of cloud for years now — and we’ve seen firsthand how complexity, expense, and provider lock-in can limit access for many businesses.

And that means the world is missing out on innovative ideas and products that never make it off the drawing board.

Lets Change Illustration

Let’s Change That

Our mission is straightforward. Instead of upskilling humans (or hiring them in at an eye-watering day rate), let’s humanize the tech.

The solutions we build are designed to make it as easy as possible to achieve what you need to, without the unnecessary technical hurdles that can block time-poor or non-specialist businesses from cloud success.

So, How Do We Democratize The Cloud?
We see three main barriers to cloud success in many of the businesses we work with — a lack of specific skills, a lack of time and resources, and a lack of budget. Here’s how we’re solving for each one.
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Make cloud builds easier

We aim to break down the skills barrier by creating smart applications that turn complex setup and management tasks into straightforward processes that educate the user as they follow them — developing their skills over time.
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Make cloud builds faster

By automating and streamlining the more arduous manual tasks associated with cloud environments, we reduce the time investment required, allowing our clients to explore, test, and implement in a much more agile way.
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Make cloud builds cost-efficient

When businesses can handle their cloud management needs in-house, rather than relying on expensive external support, and optimize their cloud usage efficiently, there’s far less budgetary pressure and a much clearer ROI.

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